The Tale of Data GDPR Module provides an accurate view of any personal data scattered througout your information system

The problem

In companies, nobody really knows:

  • who processes personal data

  • what kind of personal data is kept

  • where these personal data are stored


Aggravating factor, the Shadow IT:

(files or even MS Access databases, accumulated over the years on the shared disks of the company).​

The solution

Tale of Data offers an efficient and comprehensive approach, based on its Big Data technology "Mass Data Discovery", which allows a massive automatic search of personal data in databases and files.

The benefits

The scan reports created with Tale of Data greatly help the Data Protection Officer to manage a data processing register for GDPR compliance.

The main benefits are:

  1.   Achieving completeness 

  2.   Easing the anonymisation process

  3.   Lowering the risk of non-compliance

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Data Quality-Centric Big Data Forensic Analytics

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