Your data have interesting stories to tell, you just need the right tool to listen to them...

Tale of Data

A Big Data Preparation

and Forensic Data Analytics Suite

tailored for Domain Experts

Powered by Apache Spark (tm)
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Big Data Analytics at Your Fingertips

We believe that anybody with domain knowledge should be able to analyze data.

Tale of Data is an application that leverages Artificial Intelligence to extract relevant or suspicious information from the Big Data.

To do that our software performs an uncompromising work on data quality before and during the analytic process.

Tale of Data has been designed for domain experts, in order to boost their efficiency in the following tasks:

Clean/Prepare data from different sources instantly and build accurate reports and visualizations.

Build predictive models to uncover patterns or prevent pathological behaviors.

Work on huge amounts of structured or semi-structured data.

Why you should use Tale of Data to prepare your data

Domain experts should be the corner stone of your Big Data projects

Data Quality-centric

Data are prepared and analyzed independently by those who actually understand them: domain experts, not IT people.

Tailored for Domain Experts

Data are prepared and analyzed independently by those who actually understand them: domain experts, not IT people.

IT-Department friendly

Data transformations and predictive models recommended by domain experts can be deployed, without writing any code, to test and production environments.

Leverage Apache Spark

Clean, prepare and analyze the data without moving them, directly inside your HADOOP cluster.

Decide Where you prepare your Data

Cloud Based Solution

Use the Tale of Data SAS Processing Engine.

Our solution runs in HADOOP, by leveraging the Apache Spark Framework.

You will be able to prepare your data in a fully secured cloud environment.

On Premise Installation

You may use your own servers to run the Tale of Data Processing Engine.

Decide where and how you will get the best from our solution.

A better Data Preparation leads to better Insights

State-of-the-Art Technology

Our application uses an advanced memory management system, which makes it one of the fastest.

Rich Internet Application

Tales of Data comes with an intuitive user interface and a flat learning curve: all operations are point and click or require simple drag and drop.


We made ease-of-use our main priority.

Why you should use Tale of Data to prepare your data

Flash Data Project

A flash project generally spans over one to two weeks maximum.

We solve your Data issues from A to Z without disturbing your team: duplicates, recurring data quality problems, predictive models, fraud detection.

Our technology can solve in a few days what used to take months : we help you to get the most out of the speed and the efficiency of our approach. 

Joint Data Project

A joint project spans generally over one week.

In this specific case, we work with your team on one of your corporate data projects.

During the project, we show them how to get the most out of Tale of Data : they use our software themselves!

By the end of the joint project, your team should be able to tell you about the actual benefits of purchasing Tale of Data licenses.

Sofware Licenses

To get the most out of your data, domain experts should depend as little on IT or Data Scientists as possible : autonomy is the key when it comes to relevant information extraction!

Tale of Data has been specially designed for domain experts.

Purchasing licences allows them to transform, prepare and analyze an unlimited amount of data for a fixed monthly fee. 


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Stéphane Avronsart

Head of Quality at SNCF

Jean-Christophe Bouramoué

CEO at Tale of Data

Data Quality-Centric Big Data Forensic Analytics

6 rue Jadin
75017 Paris, France

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